(‘So-see-ous’) - a Latin Noun



a colleague, an associate; a comrade, a companion.




To fast track business growth for our clients & become a true and effective companion in business


A Strategic
Business Development Company

What We Do

SOCIUS is a business development company that utilises its collective 40 years of Middle East market knowledge and experience, as well as its vast network, relationships and influence, to enable companies to grow, that are a.) registered in the UAE with a desire to expand their operations across the Middle East, and b.) based overseas and looking to fast track their entry into the Middle East market or expand their existing presence.

How we do it

SOCIUS helps their clients create a winning business development strategy and then facilitates direct introductions to key business targets in their focus markets, all of which has been established through a collaborative process. This service is the engine of the SOCIUS business and its fuel is the valued and expansive network that has been built on trust, credibility and integrity over a 20 year period of operating in the region.

Why It Makes Sense

A risk averse, measured approach


“Tangible Returns”


Real tangible benefits to your bottom line performance:







“Mitigate Your Risk”


Have the flexibility to manage your finances successfully:


Boost in revenue – Switch On

Cashflow tight – Switch Off

Minimum Term – 3 months

Monthly Retainer

Commission on Sale

Reduced cost

“Employee Related”


Reduce time and outlay linked to employee costs & processes:




Salary & Benefits

Notice Periods

End of Service Benefits


“On What You Do Best”


We provide you with the luxury of ‘time’ so you can focus on:


Managing day-to-day operations

Delivering great customer service

Nurturing your existing clients

Motivating your team

Planning for the future

How We Work

A companion to your business


“Know Your Customer”


In order to facilitate the right level of introductions in the right way, we must know what makes each of our clients tick. This starts with a one-on-one interview with the CEO/MD to understand the over-arching vision and goals of the company.


“Utilise the knowledge”


We believe in a collaborative approach where opinions of key stakeholders count. By having a transparent consultative approach with management, we can create an unbiased and pragmatic business development strategy, optimised for success.


“Clear & Defined Targets”


A key part of our strategy is to clearly define your sales targets in the focus markets. A primary & secondary list of sales targets are developed collaboratively with management, that when signed off, enable SOCIUS to move quickly and concisely.


“Leveraging Relationships”


SOCIUS has a wide and varied network of business leaders and decision makers that has been built over 20 years on the values of trust, honesty and credibility. SOCIUS leverages its network for its clients by providing S.M.A.R.T introductions.


A brief introduction

Simon Hobart

Founder & CEO


Simon moved to the UAE in the early 2000’s as a Construction Manager with Skanska, one of the largest contractors in the world, with the aim to establish their Middle East presence. After 3 years with Skanska, in 2002 he set up Millennium Solutions, a specialist recruitment agency focused on the rapidly expanding construction sector. Simon grew the business significantly over a 6-year period and in 2008 private investors from London successfully acquired his business. In 2012 Simon became a Director and Board Member of The Links Group, a company formation specialist based in Dubai, where he was responsible for day-to-day business strategy and growth, and was a key member of the team that led to the acquisition of Links Group at the end of 2016. In April 2017 he left the Links Group to form SOCIUS.

Contact Details

Simon Hobart

Founder & CEO

M. +971 50 655 0581

E. simon@sociusgroup.com